Fagron Sterile Services attends ASHP Midyear 2020 Virtual Conference, 503B Outsourcing

The Largest Pharmacist Conference in the World

As a leader in 503B Outsourcing, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) supports our customers and the safety of the patients they serve by continuing to engage in industry leading conferences, trade shows and events.

This year, the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) decided to hold their largest annual conference virtually to support health and safety during the pandemic. Rather than outright canceling, this format provided an important opportunity for pharmacists and suppliers to network.

The conference was also a strong advocate of continuing education. Attendees had a variety of opportunities to present and review scholarly research, take educational courses for CE credit and hear from industry experts.

ASHP20 included a number of guest speakers, featuring Tom Hanks and Dr. Anthony Fauci as this year's keynote guests.

FSS representatives enjoyed speaking with pharmacists from across the United States (and beyond) to provide solutions to meet the 503B Outsourcing needs of patient focused healthcare facilities.

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Live Webinar Session with Q&A

Broadcast Wednesday, December 9th | Duration: 30 Minutes

Attendees were able to learn more about 503B Outsourcing and the latest product innovations from FSS during this live group presentation. FSS introduced the first Sterile Topical LET Gel, a revolutionary silicone-free Avastin presentation, and the continued expansion of OR anesthesia offerings in IV Bags and ready-to-administer syringes.

FSS Director of Marketing, Sean Jones, hosted the conversation and Q&A with Glen Olsheim, FSS VP of Business & New Product Development and Jason McGuire, Global Quality Director for Fagron. For a full recording of the session, please reach out to your dedicated Account Representative, fill out a consultation request online or contact our Customer Care team

Tom Hanks at ASHP Midyear

Tom Hanks Keynote

In an opening session featuring Tom Hanks, Mr. Hanks thanked pharmacists for the key role they play keeping America healthy. He shared about his career journey, story telling, and the current health crisis facing the country today.

"Simple steps, when followed to a 'T' is the way to getting on with the next chapter of our lives [...] wearing a mask is the least you can do to help fight the spread [...] we are in this together" — Tom Hanks.

Mr. Hanks also spoke about his own experience contracting and recovering from COVID-19 while filming in Australia, a country with notably better success managing the spread of COVID than the US. He remains optimistic about the vaccine and America's recovery from the global pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Keynote

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci shared wisdom in his Wednesday keynote session with attending pharmacists and suppliers at ASHP Midyear. He asked pharmacists to remain vigilant of irregulates in patient symptom patterns, offering praise for their role on the teams of healthcare heroes fighting COVID-19.

He spoke about his role as a trusted advisor to six presidents through various health crises including Ebola, HIV, SARS, and now COVID-19. He said the rise and fight against HIV is the most similar to COVID-19, but noted that crises evolved over 39 years.

Dr. Fauci said, "There is nothing that compares to the acuteness and the drama of COVID-19."

Dr. Fauci emphasized the importance of following basic public health measures to fight the spread and illustrated importance by juxtaposing the change from 40k daily cases over the summer when measure were followed more closely to 200k in just months. He reiterated that we are all in this together and his distaste for the politicizing public health issues, stating he is a-political.

While Dr. Fauci predicted a tough winter season with holiday travel creating a perfect storm. He remains optimistic toward vaccines; "Current vaccine options are extraordinarily efficacious," but cautioned, "you cannot substitute public health measures with a vaccine."

About Fagron Sterile Services US

Sample of Fagron Sterile Services Products

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), a top-tier DEA and FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Provider, produces a reliable supply of high-quality sterile medications with cGMP compliant operations for patient-focused healthcare facilities across North America.

FSS' team employs expertise in legal and regulatory compliance, pharmaceutical manufacturing and repackaging, leveraging industry leading automation, advanced environmental monitoring and sophisticated in-house quality testing labs. Batches are validated to support Beyond Use Dating (BUD) and only released after successful sterility, particulate matter and potency testing are complete.

FSS offers a broad product portfolio across Operating Room Anesthesia (OR Syringes & IV Bags), Ophthalmics, Pain Management, and other Specialty Presentations, while holding Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)agreements within all major GPOs.

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Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.