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FDA and DEA registered 503B pharmaceutical outsourcing
Fagron is a global group of innovative pharmaceutical companies focused on creating the future of personalized medicine.

As the world’s leading pharmaceutical compounding company serving 60 countries, Fagron combines local expertise with global innovation. Fagron North America is fully integrated with facilities specializing in 503A Compounding, 503B Outsourcing and providing pharmacists with raw ingredients, supplies, education, and technical support.

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) offers exceptional service to health systems, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices in need of reliable 503B Outsourcing.

“Fagron’s guiding principles and business segments are illustrated by our icon. With each dot representing a focus, it should come as no surprise to find a cornerstone in pharmaceutical compounding expertise — with Quality at the nucleus of everything we do.”

— Sean Jones, Senior Director of Marketing
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Why choose Fagron Sterile Services?

As an innovative pharmaceutical supplier, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) delivers a customer focused product portfolio, with patient centered quality, and some of the best fulfillment and turnaround in the industry — greater than 97% same-day order fulfillment for committed customers. As one of the first 503Bs in the country to register with the FDA, FSS has been at the forefront of shaping industry standards in sterile preparations spanning three decades.

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How do you incorporate industry-leading product safety standards, cGMP compliant operations, and reliable supply, without contributing to skyrocketing healthcare costs? You partner with an organization built on decades of pharmacy and sterile compounding experience, centered around Quality and intensely focused on customers and the patients they serve.

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Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) has a rich history in pharmaceutical compounding and was one of the first organizations to register with the FDA in 2014, as a 503B Outsourcing Facility, then known as JCB Laboratories (est. 2002).

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