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Think you have what it takes to join an innovative growing team and a global leader in the pharmaceutical compounding space?

Careers with Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) cover a wide range of business activities.

Medication delivery is complicated in modern, technology-laden practice settings. Delivering safe, reliable medication is no small challenge! Our customers depend on us because their patients depend on them.

We help acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician offices connect the dots to mitigate risk and increase patient safety through our state-of-the-art 503B facilities, industry-leading quality standards and a commitment to producing one perfect dose at a time.

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Service is in our name

We partner with a number of organizations in our local community and beyond who align with our belief in making the world a healthier and safer place to learn, develop and achieve.

In addition to our corporate investments, we share the top-notch talent of our team with the community - offering team members three (3) paid volunteer days off each year to donate their time to a nonprofit organization.

Service has its benefits

From discounts at the gym, on your cell bill or a mid-day snack, we happily offer a number of benefits to those ready to take on the challenge of leading the future of compounding medicine.

“It’s wonderful to see how our products can help change a person’s life for the better… our products impact millions of lives each year.”

— Lacy L., Customer Configuration, Pricing & Contract Manager Sales
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3 paid days of Volunteer Time Off annually
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Excellent YMCA membership discounts
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Leadership development program through Wichita State University
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Healthy snack and meal options on-site
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Competitive insurance and retirement plans
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Great employee discounts for a variety of goods & services

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From cleanroom to corporate, we work together to create the future of personalized medicine — and you can help! Select a topic below to learn more about each critical role on the front line of compounding.

The Quality department ensures our products meet all FDA and DEA regulations, cGMP and GDP. Team members work closely with all departments and strive for the highest quality standards from the time material is received, during the manufacturing process all the way through release.

Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount, so it is critical to provide quality assurance in all aspects of production. The Quality department verifies all product meets compliance and regulatory guidelines for the safety of our customers and the patients they serve.

Together we create the future of personalized medicine.

Technicians who work in compounding follow a batch record to compound medications to be filled by the Aseptic Technicians working in the sterile fill suite. Aseptic technicians who work in the sterile fill suite must wear full aseptic garb, which includes goggles, mask, two pairs of gloves, slicks, a white suit with a hood, and shoe covers.

Environmental Monitoring ensures clean rooms are free from contamination by monitoring the viable and non-viable air, surface and personnel through the regular sampling of the clean room and personnel in it.

These team members learn to, not only garb aseptically by donning sterilized goggles, a mask, two pairs of gloves, slicks, a white suit with a hood, and shoe covers, but to also collect samples aseptically in the clean room for an extended period of time. Samples include surfaces, water, and air within the clean room.

Together we create the future of personalized medicine.

Laboratory staff primarily perform routine testing. The Quality Control department is composed of two laboratories – microbiology and chemistry.

Microbiology lab staff perform particulate matter, sterility, bacterial endotoxin, bioburden and filter integrity testing for product release. Chemistry lab staff perform potency testing for product release. Lab staff also perform method validations to implement new product release tests.

Together we create the future of personalized medicine.