FSS Launches IV Bag Platform

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) Launches Intravenous Bag Platform, Supports COVID-19 Medication Demand

Patient-focused pharmaceutical company continues to partner with hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to meet increased demand for essential compounded sterile medication during, and beyond, COVID-19; 503B outsourcing supports patient safety and helps mitigate drug shortages

WICHITA, Kansas, March 30, 2021 / PR Newswire / – Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), a leader in 503B outsourcing, announces the continued expansion of its product portfolio with a new platform – intravenous (IV) bags. Multiple presentations of fentaNYL, HYDROmorphone, and Midazolam have been available to select hospitals and ambulatory surgery center customers since late 2020.

These sterile medications have seen increased demand leading to drug shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout spring and summer of2020, FSS delivered ready-to-administer presentations of fentaNYL, HYDROmorphone, and Midazolam through its operating room syringe product line to some of the most affected areas of the country, including the northeastern US.

IV bags from FSS are latex-free and individually over wrapped for product protection and extended beyond-use dating. Controlled medications are tamper-sealed at the administration port to confirm drug identity and integrity.

FSS continues to partner with healthcare facilities to meet out sourced medication needs, adding oxyTOCIN and NORepinephrine IV bags. Additional high-demand medications, like Vancomycin, Ketamine, and PHENYLephrine will be added in coming months. Contract manufacturing opportunities are available to prepare IV bags for customer-specific requirements, helping healthcare providers focus on patient care.

Fagron Sterile Services’ continued new product development demonstrates a commitment to innovative solutions and partnership with its customers, providing a reliable supply of high-quality medications to meet patient care needs.

For more information, please visit www.fagronsterile.com/newsroom/iv-bags-launch or call Customer Care at 1-877-405-8066.

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About Fagron Sterile Services US

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), a top-tier DEA and FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Provider, produces reliable supply of high-quality sterile medications with cGMP compliant operations to patient-focused healthcare facilities across North America.

FSSs team boasts operational and regulatory expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing and repackaging while leveraging industry-leading automation, advanced environmental monitoring, and sophisticated in-house quality testing labs. Batches are validated to support proper Beyond-Use Dating(BUD) and only released after successful sterility, particulate matter, and potency testing are complete.

FSS offers a broad product portfolio across Operating Room Anesthesia, Ophthalmics, Pain Management, and other Specialty Presentations and holds Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) agreements within all major GPOs.


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Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.