Premier Breakthroughs


Fusion: Connecting The Dots to Transform Patient Care, a Breakthroughs Conference Experience will be presented by national GPO, Premier, and will be held in Nashville, TN in June. Breakthroughs 2023 connects healthcare industry professionals looking to "connect the dots across healthcare’s broad continuum" and fuses the different elements into a cohesive healthcare alliance to transform patient care. Fagron Sterile Services US, a contracted Premier supplier, is looking to engage current and potential partners interested in enhancing patient safety and providing a reliable supply chain of quality sterile medications. FSS US will be available during the exposition portion of the conference to answer any questions surrounding 503B Outsourcing and how it can serve the Premier family.

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Event Dates

Start Date:

June 20, 2023

End Date:

June 23, 2023


Nashville, TN

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), a top-tier DEA and FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Provider, produces a reliable supply of high-quality sterile medications with cGMP compliant operations for patient-focused healthcare facilities across North America. FSS' team employs expertise in legal and regulatory compliance, pharmaceutical manufacturing and repackaging, leveraging industry leading automation, advanced environmental monitoring and sophisticated in-house quality testing labs. Batches are validated to support Beyond Use Dating (BUD) and only released after successful sterility, particulate matter and potency testing are complete. FSS offers a broad product portfolio across Operating Room Anesthesia (OR Syringes & IV Bags), Ophthalmics, Pain Management, and other Specialty Presentations, while holding Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)agreements within all major GPOs.

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