ASHSP Summer Meetings And Exhibition


The American Society of Health System Pharmacists Summer Meetings and Exhibition simultaneously offers four content-targeted conferences and allows attendees entrée to all of the sessions and events! As a leader in 503B outsourcing, Fagron Sterile Services (FSS) supports our customers and the safety of their patients by engaging in industry leading conferences, trade shows and events. We look forwarding to seeing you on the road, better yet, schedule a facility visit and see why pharmacists trust FSS to deliver a 503B solution you can rely on.

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Event Dates

Start Date:

June 10, 2020

End Date:

June 16, 2020


Seattle, WA

Fagron Sterile Services Attendees

Jennifer Slaughter
Trade Show Coordinator

Would love to bring back hats as a daily accessory!

Sean Jones, MBA
Marketing Manager

Musically inclined and appreciates a fun pair of socks!

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