Fagron Sterile Services

GPO Awards 503B Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Contract for Ophthalmics to Fagron

Wichita, KS – June 20, 2017 – JCB Laboratories (JCB) and Fagron Sterile Services (FSS), companies of Fagron North America, announced they have been awarded a contract with Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company which operates one of the nation’s largest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). Premier unites approximately 3,750 hospitals and more than 130,000 other provider organizations that represent over $50 billion in annual purchasing power. The agreement offers a robust and trusted line of ophthalmic preparations, including combination pre-operative dilation drops, antibiotics, mitomycin, retrobulbar blocks, and intracameral mydriatics to Premier members. Fagron has supplied millions of high-quality preparations for ophthalmic procedures since 2004."We are extremely pleased to partner with Premier to provide high-quality ophthalmic preparations to their membership", stated Rita Hoke, President of Fagron North America. “This partnership represents an important step forward in Fagron’s strategic growth."JCB and FSS provide sterile preparations that are produced with industry-leading automation and quality control systems. Every batch is held in quarantine and undergoes rigorous quality control testing prior to release to customers. JCB and FSS are FDA registered and State Board of Pharmacy licensed.

About Fagron Sterile Services

JCB Laboratories (JCB) and Fagron Sterile Services (FSS), companies of Fagron, are FDA-registered 503B Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Facilities located in Wichita, KS. As part of the only vertically integrated compounding pharmaceutical organization in the country, JCB and FSS are uniquely positioned to use the highest quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), produce and test preparations with confidence, and deliver cGMP compliant finished preparations with 24/7 pharmacist support. JCB and FSS specialize in ophthalmology, corticosteroids, operating room (OR) syringes, urology and dialysis preparations. Contact us today at www.fagronsterile.com.

About Fagron North America

Fagron North America is a group of innovative, scientific pharmaceutical companies that focus on optimizing and innovating pharmaceutical compounding. As the world’s leading pharmaceutical compounding company, operating in 32 countries, we act locally and think globally. Fagron North America is fully integrated with facilities that specialize in 503A Compounding, 503B Human Drug Outsourcing, and providing pharmacists with high-quality APIs, supplies, education, and technical support. Fagron North America is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Experience more with Fagron.


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Fagron Sterile Services
A leading DEA & FDA-registered 503B pharmaceutical outsourcing company dedicated to safe, quality sterile preparations.