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Previously we have posted blogs about combining ophthalmic drops for pre-operative use in cataract surgeries and YAG laser procedures. See the two blogs below.

Compounded ophthalmic products are a specialty at Fagron Sterile Services and we routinely get asked about pre-op eye drops. Our team of clinical pharmacists has compiled an extensive library of information regarding various ophthalmic combinations to help answer questions such as: What combinations are most stable? What mydriatics last the longest? What topical anesthetics are available?

From our research, we have developed a list of pre-op combination drops that represent the most popular combinations across the country. A best-practice guideline if you will. By focusing on a finite number of combinations, JCB is able to increase the efficiencies of our compounding processes and, thereby, control costs.Chances are the combination you want is on this list. If not, give us a call at 316-773-0405 and ask for me, Greg Rockers. I will help you find a combination that best suits your needs. Now more than ever, you need a sterile products compounding pharmacy that is a trusted clinical partner. At JCB Laboratories, we are here to help!


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Fagron Sterile Services
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