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Propofol is a hot topic these days. From trying to find supplies during the shortage to a possible change in status to a controlled substance. Propofol is on the front page now, and this time it’s not because of Michael Jackson.JDJ Consulting (a pharmacy consulting firm that works with ASCs in regards to regulatory issues) recently sent out a questionnaire to their ASC clients in the Mid-Atlantic states addressing the propofol status change.50 responses were received. Here is a breakdown:

  • 62% were aware of Alabama classifying propofol as a CIV controlled substance.
  • 18% have already made changes to how they inventory propofol.
  • 22% are counting propofol in their main cabinet while 10% are in the process of starting.
  • 16% have it on the Anesthesia count sheet.
  • 10% have wastage witnessed after each case.
  • 50% are waiting for their state to classify it before they make any changes while 34% want to implement a change before it becomes mandatory.
  • Half of the anesthesia staff wants to wait. Half of the respondents have not discussed this with Anesthesia yet. Only 2% want to implement it now.

JDJ Consulting continues to stress preparedness with regard to this change. Identifying and understand the obstacles early will result in better compliance, accurate record keeping and safer medication management.

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