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Supporting Supply Chain, Together

As dedicated members of the healthcare community, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), has joined forces with a multitude of widely-diverse healthcare partners to advocate for the national and global healthcare supply chain. A supply chain that has recently been put under the microscope in light of the COVID-19Pandemic.

As the idea of an industry-wide campaign was being formed, FSS was quick to throw their support to the #IAmTheHealthCareSupplyChain movement. The initiative is a drive to ensure the future of an efficient supply chain amid other imminent disruptions that can affect patient care.

The New Normal

Like many, FSS continues to monitor the epidemic closely, and has established protocols and guidelines to minimize the impact whenever possible to employees, business partners and supply. By joining forces with other healthcare suppliers, distributors, influencers, and leaders to spread this initiative, there are opportunities to collaboratively strengthen the backbone that supports the medical system.

This can be accomplished through:

  • Investment
  • Collaboration
  • Promotion
  • Evaluation

Strategic planning, information sharing, and the advancement of technology are just a few of the ways stakeholders can work together to improve outcomes and enhance performance within the healthcare sector.

Fagron Sterile Services supply chain

Supporting Pharmacy and Reliable Drug Supply

As a pharmaceutical 503B sterile outsourcing provider, who already specializes in assisting health-systems, hospitals and clinics with reliable drug supply, the decision to support this effort was simple. Thanks to an already diverse international network of sister-companies Fagron is a solution many pharmacies and health systems rely on.

FSS state-of-the-art pharmaceutical operations provide compounded sterile presentations (CSPs) through API-to-sterile, sterile-to-sterile and biologic to operating rooms, ambulatory surgery centers and ophthalmology offices.

 “I think this is probably one of (our) strongest qualities given the reliability of the network that we have – boots on the ground in China to be able to go and audit the manufacturers onsite or in India or other places as well as in Europe where we have another strong network of… manufacturers where we obtain our raw materials from.”
— Jason McGuire, Fagron’s Global Quality Director

Having already recognized the importance of the movement’s mission within their own organization, FSS was eager to stand with the more than 200 other healthcare organizations to shine a light on the varied aspects of patient care delivery –from front line clinicians to the logistics analysts behind the scenes

Join the Initiative

Both individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate in this movement. Among the other founding members are Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN’s) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) with whom FSS already has agreements to work with to deliver ready-to-administer syringes, vials and more across the continuum of care. Included in that group is Intalere, Healthtrust,Premier and Vizient. FSS has IDN agreements within all major GPOs.

If you would like to get involved alongside FSS and others to mobilize and promote, please visit To view a full 503B outsourcing product list from FSS click here.

Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.