Compounding Quality Center of Excellence Annual Conference 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals and outsourcing facilities, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. The FDA's recent Compounding Quality Center of Excellence (CQCE) Annual Conference shed light on the progress made in the outsourcing facility industry over the past decade and the ongoing challenges it faces, underlining the supreme importance of upholding and enhancing quality standards. Two of our distinguished leaders, Deborah McHugh, Senior Director of Quality, FSS Boston, and Kim Kieffer, Director, Quality Assurance, Anazao Health, played a pivotal role in these discussions, sharing their insights and vision for the industry's future.


Deborah McHugh's Insights

During the Opening Plenary of the CQCE Annual Conference, Deborah McHugh offered a comprehensive overview of the strides and challenges encountered by the outsourcing facility industry over the past ten years.

“I had the privilege of being part of the Opening Plenary panel on the progress made in the outsourcing facility industry over the past ten years as well as challenges that remain within the industry, with an emphasis on quality,” said McHugh. “I was asked why the Pharma industry has been interested in entering the outsourcing facility industry as well as what key areas in Quality still need improvement, where I discussed the complexity of cGMP and including risk-based analysis.”

Her concluding remarks resounded with a call to action for the future. Deborah urged the FDA to expedite the finalization of their 503B current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidance document, and she emphasized the importance of incorporating additional information about the role of pharmacists in this Quality-focused industry. This, she argued, would mitigate the state-level confusion surrounding regulations for outsourcing facilities, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient future.


Kim Kieffer's Perspective

Kim Kieffer participated in the Closing Plenary, where she spoke alongside industry experts and stakeholders, giving her perspective on the goals and visions for the outsourcing facility industry over the next ten years. These contributions will be critical to charting a course for the future of 503B compounding.

As stakeholders in this dynamic industry, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) remains committed to excellence in delivering comprehensive, high-quality solutions across the continuum of care, and looks forward to witnessing the positive changes that will shape the 503B outsourcing landscape in the coming years. The insights shared by our leaders at the CQCE Annual Conference reaffirm our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality in this ever-evolving field.


About Fagron Sterile Service US

FSS is a globally integrated 503B outsourcing partner to patient-focused healthcare facilities, creating supply chain resiliency while advancing patient safety. 

As an industry-leader in 503B Outsourcing, FSS supports patient-focused healthcare facilities across North America with a reliable supply of critical high-quality sterile medications produced through cGMP-compliant operations.

Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.