Angles for Change and Fagron Sterile Services US Partner to End Drugs Shortages

Angels for Change: SummitOne

In the US, drug shortages are near an all-time high. The SummitOne conference brought together, healthcare providers, manufactures, regulators and patient advocacy groups to examine the root cause of drug shortages and explore creative solutions that address these challenges head on.

Erika LaFluer (Vice President of Sales), Heather Drachbar (Director, Sales), and Sean Jones (Senior Director of Marketing) represented Fagron's continued partnership to end drug shortages. Our team had the privilege of participating in thought-provoking discussions and gaining invaluable insights into the strategies and innovations necessary to put an end to drug shortages once and for all.

Mrs. LaFluer also participated in an engaging panel discussion about the importance of reliable supply in protecting vulnerable medications, and the steps Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) is taking to help. She shares more in the video below.

Our team had the privilege of participating in thought-provoking discussions and gaining valuable insights into the strategies and innovations necessary to put an end to drug shortages once and for all.

Together, we can prioritize patient care and build a more resilient healthcare system.

An Ongoing Modern Health Crisis: Drug Shortages

The ongoing drug shortage crisis in the United States has left many patients and their families in a state of uncertainty and fear. As a company committed to improving access to high-quality, even life-saving medications, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), and Fagron globally, believe it is crucial to shed light on this issue and work towards sustainable solutions.

Fox News Medical Contributor, Dr. Nicole Saphier, explains that this is not a new issue; in fact, drug shortages like this have been occurring for over a century.

Currently, there are around 160 medications in short supply due to a combination of chronic issues such as slow regulatory processes, reliance on raw materials from other countries, and general lack of transparency regarding supply.

This crisis is also acutely exacerbated by increased use of certain medications coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic due to weakened immune systems and fewer doctor visits. For instance, cancer diagnoses have decreased by 25% in recent years because people were not getting their screenings during the pandemic, which has now led to an increased demand for cancer medications.

Ending Drug Shortages

The shortage crisis has impacted families like Laura Bray's, whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer at only nine years old. Bray struggled with the news that the medication her daughter needed was not available due to the drug shortage. Pediatric cancer patients are 90% more likely to experience drug shortages, and their drugs stay short 30% longer.

In 2019, Bray founded Angels for Change, the only charitable, patient advocacy organization in the United States that works to end drug shortages. The FDA states that shortages of drugs occur due to a dysfunctional marketplace that fails to react to the typical principles of supply and demand.

Watch the full interview:

Supporting Supply Chain Resiliency

As a globally integrated 503B outsourcing partner striving to create supply chain resiliency while advancing patient safety, we understand the importance of a hospital or clinic's receiving the medication they need when they need it. The ability to administer high-quality medications that support safe and effective patient care is critical to the wellbeing of patients and their families.

Globally, Fagron employs nearly 100 supply chain experts that support efforts to deliver a reliable supply of medication in more than 30 countries, including the United States.

FSS stands with Angels for Change and other organizations that are working towards ending drug shortages in the United States. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality medications, providing transparency and resiliency in our supply chain, and working towards a future where drug shortages are no longer a concern.

Our strong relationship with patient-focused healthcare facilities across the US has led us to continue partnering with Angles for Chage and the End Drug Shortage Alliance to address this modern health crisis.

"We are very excited to be part of the End Drug Shortage Alliance to bring our global compounding knowledge to the discussion and work with other industry leaders to find ways to eliminate shortages so that no patient ever goes untreated," said Erika LaFluer, Vice President of Sales, FSS US.

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Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.