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Supporting Healthcare, Managing COVID-19

503B outsourcing facilities are quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ resource in the midst of America’s current healthcare crisis. As hospitals and front-line workers continue to navigate their predicament, ambulatory surgery centers increase medication demand since patients who have been waiting month to on their elective procedures can now be cared for.

Labor shortages and an increased demand on medications to fight COVID-19 have necessitated hospital pharmacies to seek outside assistance for drugs necessary to support viable patient treatment options for the critically ill.

According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, when drugs are in short supply, doctors must rely on alternatives that may be unfamiliar or have greater side-effects. They may also be forced to adopt measures that potentially increase the risk to certain patients in order to conserve medication for others. [1]

Supply Chain Strain

As the corona virus has permeated, the FDA diligently monitored the medical supply chain for disruptions and shortages that would have a catastrophic effect on patient care. However, major distributors of active ingredients in medications such as China and India, are experiencing a slowdown in manufacturing because of a reduced workforce.

Even as current restrictions are lifted and elective-surgeries start up again, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices will continue to increase the demand for these medications. A 503B outsourcing facility is a practical means to supply critical medications when a hospital is unable to do so and may have other benefits.

503B Outsourcing You Can Rely On

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), an FDA and DEA registered 503B, continues to expand their OR syringe portfolio to support healthcare customers across the country.

FSS was able to move quickly and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with multiple medications used in the battle against this highly contagious virus. Many of these products have also been listed on drug shortage lists by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the FDA.

• fentaNYL
• Midazolam
• HYDROmorphone
• succinylcholine
• rocuronium
• ketamine
• morphine
• lidocaine
• PHENYLephrine
• ropivacaine

FSS is dedicated to delivering industry leading turnaround times of high-quality sterile medications to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, and physician offices. To ensure top-tier service, FSS took supply chain precautions regarding COVID-19 and performed risk assessments of its products and the raw materials (read more).

To date, there have not been any significant disruption to the availability of their products and services. View a full catalog and learn more about FSS independent aseptic processing environments, industry leading automation, advanced environmental monitoring and in-house laboratory testing.

FSS integrates state-of-the-art quality to provide reliable 503B supply to clinicians and the patients they serve throughout the 50 states (+DC).

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[1] Davies, Madlen, et al. “Drug Shortages Put Worst-Hit Covid-19 Patients at Risk.” The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 17 Apr. 2020, Source Link.

Sean Jones, MBA
Marketing Manager at Fagron Sterile Services, with over a decade of experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.