Retina Specialists Gather, Share Innovations

The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) is the world’s largest retinal organization. The society has grown to nearly 3,000 members across 60 countries, including the United States. Their annual conference is known for cutting-edge, inspirational insights into retinal science, practice and innovations from around the world.

This year, ASRS chose to host their annual conference virtually, rather than join a growing list of COVID-19 related event cancellations. Originally planned for Seattle, Washington, the virtual format allowed participants to enjoy the conference from the comfort and safety of their home or office.

Participants of the 38th Annual Scientific Meeting received access to presentations and were able to interact virtually with treating physicians. Abstracts, satellite symposia and Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit were also available through the new event platform. A virtual exhibit hall was developed to showcase innovations and build relationships between buyers and suppliers.

While attendee and exhibitor numbers were lower than usual, as a leader in the ophthalmic compounding space Fagron Sterile Services (FSS) was one of the only participating 503B outsourcing providers.

“Right now, those who attend virtual trade shows are there because they have a need. These opportunities still allow us to listen to and share with clinicians and decision makers who have specific and immediate drug shortages or medication demands. They aren’t there just ‘kicking-the-tires’ so-to-speak,” said FSS' Trade Show Coordinator, Jennifer Slaughter.

As many ambulatory surgery centers struggle to navigate reopening through what feels like a very serious game of red-light green-light, Ophthalmologists warn of potentially sever outcomes at a result.

Ophthalmology is among the medical specialties hit hardest by restrictions and fears tied to the corona virus pandemic,” said Dr. Timothy Murray in a U.S.News & World Report detailing the risk of delayed appointments and treatments leading to vision loss.

New Silicone-FreeAvastin® Syringe

This year, FSS debuted an exciting ophthalmic innovation. Glen Olsheim, FSS' VP of New Product and Business Development, shared how the syringes currently being used for Avastin® injections are deeply flawed, “Containers on the market today were never validated for ophthalmic use… or intended for intravitreal injections.”

FSS innovative new luer lock syringe for Avastin® was developed in a collaboration with West Pharmaceutical Services. The Bevacizumab filled Daikyo Crystal Zenith® syringe introduces a biologic delivery system filled and finished by innovative Goninger automation, intended for intravitreal injections – free of silicon oil and lubricant.

This innovative new Avastin® delivery system will be available from Fagron Sterile Services starting in late fall, 2020. Additional information coming soon.

Set up your free consultation to learn more.

 The next ASRS conference is planned for July 24–26, 2021, in Stockholm, Sweden, and will return to the US (New York City) for 2022. Participants may access all content and exhibits from the 2020, conference until November 1st.



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Sean Jones, MBA
Director of Marketing at Fagron Sterile Services, with more than a decade of experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.