Fagon Sterile Services Promotes Health in the Workplace with Step Challenge

Promoting Healthy Habits

Focus on health in the workplace has increased over the years, spurred along by the invention of the Fitbit and Apple Watches. Activity competitions like “Step Challenges” are becoming a common occurrence. Most organizations host these contests to promote health, team building, or even raise money for philanthropic.  Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) is no exception and recently concluded their 2nd Annual Summer Step Challenge.  

Benefits of Walking

FSS started their Step Challenges in 2019, as part of the “Fagron Feel Good Initiative,” an effort to engage the entire global network of Fagron employees in healthier living habits. Doctors and fitness experts agree that the simple act of walking has been shown to deliver numerous health advantages, both physically and mentally!  

Prevention Magazine listed some of these health benefits in their July issue.  Walking can:

1)     Improve your mood

2)    Burn calories

3)    Reduce your risk of chronic disease

4)    Delay the onset of varicose veins

5)    Aides digestion

6)    Help you become more creative

7)    Alleviates joint pain

8)    Boosts your immunity

9)    Helps you sleep better

10)  It may even help you to live longer

Forming of a Tradition

This marks the 3rd Step Challenge for FSS to-date.  FSS holds two challenges each year with one in the spring/summer to encourage employees to get outdoors and one in the fall/winter to encourage activity in the colder months or walk off that Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin…everything.  

This latest competition hosted nine teams comprised of up to five members per team.  With a mix of employees from both Wichita 503B outsourcing locations, over a quarter of staff participated.

Make "Healthy" Fun

One of the emerging hallmarks of this competition are the creative and ‘punny’ team names. Last year’s competitors had monikers like “Tater Trots,” “Sole Mates”and “Holy Walkamolies”.  While this year’s top three ranking teams were “Kickin’ Asphalt” (coming in first with4,422,960 total steps), “Pandemic Perambulators” (second at 3,979,261 steps) and “Witness the Fitness” (with3,767,560 steps).  

The bi-annual Step Challenge has been very successful in stoking a fun, healthy competition between team members and supporting health in the workplace. Winners enjoy the coveted “free jeans days” and the satisfaction of bragging rights, while all participants lay the foundation for a healthy habit.

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Sean Jones, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing at Fagron North America, with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.